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    Virginia Area Information

    Virginia Area Information

    Virginia has an area of 42,774 square miles (110,784 km2) making it the thirty-fifth largest state by area. Virginia is bordered by Maryland and the Washington, D.C. to the north and east; the Atlantic Ocean to the east; by North Carolina and Tennessee to the south; by Kentucky to the west and by West Virginia to the north and west. Due to a peculiarity of Virginia's original charter, its boundary with Maryland and Washington, D.C. does not extend past the low-water mark of the south shore of the Potomac River. The southern border is defined as the 36°30' parallel north, though surveyor error has led to historic deviations.

    Virginia is divided into five geographic regions.

    The Chesapeake Bay separates most of the contiguous portion of the Commonwealth from the two-county peninsula of Virginia's Eastern Shore. Many of Virginia's rivers flow into the Chesapeake Bay, including the Potomac, Rappahannock, James, and York. These form three peninsulas into the Chesapeake.

    Geographically and geologically, Virginia is divided into five regions from east to west:

    Tidewater, Piedmont, Blue Ridge Mountains, Ridge and Valley, and Cumberland Plateau.

    The Tidewater is a coastal plain between the Atlantic coast and the fall line. It includes the Eastern Shore and major estuaries which enter the Chesapeake Bay.

    The Piedmont are a series of sedimentary and igneous rock-based foothills east of the mountains which were formed in the Mesozoic. The region includes the Southwest Mountains.

    The Blue Ridge are a physiographic province of the chain of Appalachian Mountains with the highest points in the state, including Mount Rogers at 5,729 feet (1,746 m).

    The Ridge and Valley region is west of the mountains, and includes the Great Appalachian Valley. The region is carbonate rock based, and includes Massanutten Mountain.

    The Cumberland Plateau and the Cumberland Mountains are in the south-west corner of Virginia, below the Allegheny Plateau. In this region rivers flow northwest, with a dendritic drainage system, into the Ohio River basin.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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